About us

About us

Prati and Kim are two young female reproductive endocrinologists practicing fertility medicine and gynecology in Toronto.

Prati founded The Conception Diaries in 2017, with a desire to help patients struggling with fertility understand reproductive biology and the science behind fertility treatments. Kim joined in 2019 and the goal remains to demystify and declutter the information available on the Internet, and to empower women to be proactive about their fertility. They hope to be a source of knowledge and support for patients with infertility and to provide valuable information that will help patients succeed during their fertility journey.

Both Prati and Kim specialize in all areas of reproductive medicine: assisted reproductive technology and in vitro fertilization (ART/IVF), reproductive surgery, oocyte cryopreservation, third-party reproduction, oncofertility, and same-sex reproduction.

The authors

Prati A. Sharma

Prati A. Sharma is an American-trained, board-certified reproductive endocrinologist. Originally from New Jersey, she trained at Cornell and Columbia University in New York City, then moved to Toronto to practice fertility medicine in 2008 at Create Fertility Centre.

Kim Garbedian

Kim Garbedian’s emphasis as a physician is compassionate care that empowers and educates patients so they understand their fertility diagnosis, investigations and treatment options.